The Good Soldiers is the 2010-2011 Common Book at Century College

David Finkel’s The Good Soldiers is the Common Book at Century College for the 2010-2011 academic year! Incoming first-year students and transfer students will all read the book, and many professors are likely to adopt it in their courses as well.  The college will invite David Finkel to speak on campus in Spring 2011, when they are winding down their year with a book.

The Chair of the Common Book Committee started reading The Good Soldiers the day she received her exam copy; she couldn’t put it down.  The book was as well received by the rest of the committee. She writes, “We were all mesmerized by David Finkel’s honest writing and accounts of these brave young men. This will be a challenging book in many ways, but also a very powerful learning experience.”

Century College is a community and technical college outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. A considerable number of their students are veterans. The Common Book Committee is sure that The Good Soldiers will be a meaningful book for those students and for the college community as a whole.

Click here to watch BookTV‘s video of David Finkel speaking about his time with Army Battalion 2-16.  The Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter spent 15 months with the soldiers, who were deployed to Baghdad 2007-2008.

Elizabeth Kolbert’s Field Notes from a Catastrophe was the 2008-2009 Common Book at Century College.


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