First-Year Students at Augustana College Read Bottlemania

Augustana College (Rock Island, Illinois) has selected Elizabeth Royce’s Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It for Augie Reads, the summer reading program for all first-year students.

Each new Augie student will receive a copy of Bottlemania this summer.  During orientation in August, faculty will present a panel discussion “to model academic discourse and to begin conversation about issues raised in the book,” and students will meet in small discussion groups led by their academic advisers.

On September 9, Elizabeth Royte will speak at Convocation; the event will be open to all students as well as the local community.  Another book panel is scheduled during Family Weekend in October.

Students will write about Bottlemania in the Fall 2010 course, Liberal Studies 101: Rhetoric and the Liberal Arts.

“The Augie Reads Committee liked the book because it covers an important topic that affects every person while also being well-written and readable. It should provide an excellent model of writing with sources for our LSFY classes . . . We hope that the book will allow us to connect with other sustainability events on campus.”

Margaret Farrar, Associate Dean of the College, and Katie Hanson, Professor of English and Education, Augie Reads Committee

“What does it mean to be a liberally educated individual?” is the prevailing theme in the LSFY: Rhetoric and the Liberal Arts class, which emphasizes “thinking and communicating thoughts critically, thoroughly and with an open mind.”

For more on the issues addressed in her book, visit Elizabeth Royte’s blog: Notes on waste, water, whatever

Bottlemania • Bloomsbury • 272 pages


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