No Impact Man: Summer Reading and All-Campus Initiative at Texas State University, San Marcos!

Texas State University, San Marcos has picked Colin Beavan’s No Impact Man for this year’s Summer Reading Program!  Incoming freshmen are all reading the book before they head to school this fall.

Several students have taken the time to write to Colin and let him know that No Impact Man has already had an impact on them! Read students’ letters

The book will be a focal point in University Seminar, “a course designed to help meet transitional needs of new Texas State University students. The course encourages reflection upon the value and nature of a university education, as well as helping students to develop strategies for life-long learning. Course content includes class discussion, student participation, and involvement in the university community.”

The shared reading and University Seminar are just two parts of TSU’s Common Experience initiative.  The 2010-2011 Common Experience theme is Sustainability: Science, Policy, and Opportunity; related programming will go on across campus and extend into the local community throughout the coming year.

“[Sustainability] engages quality of life issues that include personal accountability and social, economic, and political considerations. Engaging sustainability on this broader basis must include these considerations: What exactly do we want to sustain and why? What current and future needs are we working to meet? . . . The only way in which these problems can be realistically addressed is through interdisciplinary dialogue, outreach, and education . . . Indeed, issues of sustainability not only involve an understanding of our history, but compel us to look ahead to the future.”

2010-2011 Common Experience Theme, Texas State University

The Common Experience also includes a community learning component. Working as a team, each residence hall will implement a sustainability project through which “students will positively interconnect with the University, local, and global communities.”

For their Hall Project, students might volunteer to maintain the City’s nature trails; team up with the Student Association for Campus Activities to sponsor a screening of the No Impact Man documentary, or other related films; adopt an endangered species and advocate for its protection; or declare their residence hall a “No Impact Dorm.”

Colin Beavan will speak on campus on September 22 and kick off a campus-wide No Impact Week initiative, presented by Colin’s organization, No Impact Project. The organization can customize a program for any campus.  Interested?  Learn more

No Impact Man • Picador • 288 pages

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