Eckerd College Seniors Read Eaarth in Quest for Meaning

Common reading experiences aren’t for first-year students alone!  This fall at Eckerd College, the whole Senior Class will read Bill McKibben’s latest book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet in the capstone course, Quest for Meaning.

As they approach commencement and begin to make post-graduate plans, this course challenges seniors “to ask and seek answers to questions of meaning and purpose in your own life within the context of the greater community.”

Over the course of the semester, they’ll explore the themes of ethics, faith, global perspective, natural environment, humanities, science, the arts, and social science.  Through readings, plenaries, discussions and service projects, students will consider how each theme influences their individual purpose, values, and world view.

Eaarth will be the key reading for the environmental portion of the course, which helps students attain one of the Quest for Meaning’s core objectives: the ability to “reveal an awareness of issues concerning the sustaining of the natural environment.”  Bill McKibben, will visit campus to address the Quest for Meaning students in October.

Seniors will have the opportunity to answer the author’s call to action through the course’s Service Learning component; each year, “students doing their Quest for Meaning project donate valuable hours for the restoration and preservation of Florida natural areas.”  Read about other environmental initiatives at Eckerd College

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Eaarth • St. Martin’s Griffin • 288 pages