The Short Bus is the 2010 Common Read at University of Idaho

Jonathan Mooney’s The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal is the Common Read title this year at the University of Idaho. The book is assigned as summer reading to all incoming students. Transfer students are also encouraged to participate, as well as all interested faculty and upperclassmen.

The Common Read is an initiative of the Dean of Students and the Teaching and Learning Center. Each year, a committee of faculty, staff, and students chooses a book that is engaging and relevant to the student body.

The program “is designed to help students prepare intellectually and academically for their first semester at the University of Idaho. This coming fall, themes and ideas from the book will be used in CORE curriculum classes, orientation activities, civic engagement activities and across a variety of disciplines.”

Bill McKibben’s Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future was the Common Read title in 2009. It, too, was assigned in CORE courses throughout the 2009-10 academic year, including Associate Professor Lee Vierling’s class in the College of Natural Resources, “The Earth and Our Place On It.” Professor Vierling’s students initiated a service-learning project that “explored connections among biodiversity, deforestation, poverty, community resilience and the social status of women.”

Read more about those students’ project here: Natural Resources Service-Learning Project Promotes Global Environmental Stewardship

How will University of Idaho students apply the principles and themes from Jonathan Mooney‘s book on their campus and in their community this year?

The Short Bus • Holt Paperbacks • 288 pages