Texas State Picks The U.S. Constitution for the 2011-12 Common Experience

The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation, written by Jonathan Hennessey with art by Aaron McConnell, is the summer reading book for the 2011-2012 Common Experience program at Texas State University, San Marcos.

For the Class of 2015, The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation, will be a central text in the University Seminar, a course that emphasizes practical academic skills, civic responsibility, and respect for diversity in individuals and ideas.  It “encourages reflection upon the value and nature of a university education, as well as helping students to develop strategies for life-long learning.”

The university will give copies of the book to the incoming students to read this summer. In the fall, the Common Experience will commence with Fall Convocation.  There, new students will be officially welcomed as members of the TSU community, and will hear a keynote address about the 2011-2012 Common Experience theme: Freedoms: The First Amendment.

[This is] an interdisciplinary theme that affects all departments, offices, and organizations at Texas State—thus allowing for a cross-disciplinary, cross-campus, and multi-organizational conversation. The First Amendment protects the basic freedoms of religion, expression (speech), press, and assembly. Discussion and examination of the First Amendment will allow students, faculty, and staff to understand the Founding Fathers’ intentions regarding basic freedoms.

Common Experience 2011-2012

A series of film screenings, artistic and historical exhibits, lectures, mini-conferences, and community service events will proceed throughout the academic year. A complete calendar of events related to the Common Experience and the summer reading book will be posted here: 2011-2012 Common Experience Calendar

The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation book trailer:

Last year, Common Experience theme at Texas State University was Sustainability: Science, Policy, and Opportunity, and the summer reading book was No Impact Man. Click here to read about the 2010-2011 Common Experience program.

The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation • Hill & Wang • 160 pages